Work With Me


As a Psychic Medium I shine a spotlight on the situation or circumstances keeping you stuck, sad or unwell.  I am able witness and give a voice to what’s happening in your heart and body.  As I find the words for what you feel but cannot explain, the energy begins to shift.  You’ll receive practical and powerful information to help open you up to new possibilities.  Each session is customized to your unique circumstances.  I may use psychic tools like Tarot Cards, hands on energy healing (Reiki) or one of you passed loved ones (I am a medium too) may join the conversation for additional guidance and healing.





Individual Sessions are offered in person on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, over Zoom or over the phone.

$130 for one hour or $75 for 30 minutes.





Gather with 3-6 of your nearest and dearest (friends or family).   This can be done in person on Cape Cod or over Zoom.


90 minutes

(up to two hours if larger group)


$50 per person.