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Spiritual Counseling Sessions


Spiritual Counseling is an opportunity to explore the space between the metaphysical and the self.  Through a process of reflective listening, Alice will help you create a meaningful connection with your inner power.  

Spiritual Counseling can provide support while navigating the loss of a loved one (or pet), trying to connect with the authentic voice of the heart or discovering a sense of meaning and purpose in your life.  

Spiritual Counseling can be beneficial for:

  • Cultivating mindfulness                        

  • Reducing stress & anxiety                     

  • Generating positivity                             

  • Finding inner peace                               

  • Building trust in self & a higher power 

Interested but not sure if Spiritual Counseling is for you? 

Contact Alice Curran Psychic Medium.  

Ready to schedule? 

Click below on the type of session you'd like.  

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In Person




In person sessions are offered on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

$50 for 30 minutes.

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Virtual Session




Virtual sessions are available over video/phone.

$50 for 30 minutes.

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