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Relationship Repair


A Pathway to Harmonious Connection

Relationship Repair is a conduit to attract and experience joy and pleasure in relationships of all kinds—intimate, interpersonal, and familial.  Relationship Repair is beneficial for individuals trying to find love as well as those yearning for more closeness in current relationships.

Working together over three sessions, we will explore the practices and excavate the patterns that influence pleasure and connection across all relationships.

Session 1: Pleasure Principles
The most significant relationship we have may be the one we cultivate with ourselves.  In this first session we will dig deeper than surface level self-care to discover how being present with oneself and developing a strong inner connection can bring more joy, pleasure, and flow in our relationships with others.

Session 2: Intuitive Healing
Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all bring our histories into our relationships.  In this session clients will receive an Intuitive Healing for the removal of stagnant energy, blocks and patterns that may be impacting pleasure in relationships. 

Session 3: Let Love In 
Our hearts love to love.  Painful experiences can cause us to protect or close our hearts.  In this final session, we will explore why an open heart is essential for connection and how to care for our tender heart space.  


Relationship Repair is for those who want to move past assigning blame for relationships that fall short of expectations and desires.  

Are you ready to realize inner harmony, release energetic blocks, and reconnect with a loving heart?

Let’s work together to clear a path for a future full of joyful and pleasurable connections.   


Relationship Repair

Scheduling instructions provided after completing the purchase.

Evening and weekend appointments available by request. 

Please submit request in the "notes to business" field when booking to be contacted for evening and weekend scheduling. 

Disclaimer: All messages are delivered with compassion and integrity. However, a psychic medium or spiritual counsellor is not a replacement for professional legal, medical, financial or business advice.

Outcomes are not guaranteed due to the nature of free will.

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