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Alice Curran
My Path From Stressed to Spiritual

Not too long ago, my life was super stressful—a high pressure sales career, two parents with major health issues and little to no unstructured leisure time. When I was able to take a break, I would collapse from exhaustion and struggle to relax. There was always something or someone to take care of. I often thought to myself, “there has to be something better than this”.

With a deep desire to feel better and make it to retirement with my health intact, I consciously decided to do what I could to get a handle on the overwhelming stress in my life.  I had no idea that a journey to reduce stress would result in a life changing spiritual awakening.

I felt trapped by my circumstances and riddled with guilt for wanting something different. I constantly worried that I would follow in the footsteps of my parents and retire with health issues. That is if I even made it to retirement as I still had a few decades to go.  From the outside looking in, I had a great career, a supportive family/friends and lots to be proud of. I was grateful, but I also wanted everything to change. If the stress and worry wasn’t all consuming, it was certainly keeping me stuck.

I had no idea how to shift the circumstances of my life. I knew I wanted to feel better, so I started to prioritize slowing down and exploring sustainable ways to manage stress.  Since it was abundantly clear that I had lost my connection with nature and myself, my goal was to simply find some peace.


How exactly I became a psychic, medium and energy healer is part mystery and part accumulation of many moments of knowing and feeling things that were, for lack of a better word, abnormal.  One of the most influential events was the death of my father.  After he passed away, I still felt connected to him and could feel his energy.  I assumed this was normal as we had such a strong connection when he was alive.  I found this continued connection comforting and am convinced that he is the one who constantly sends me hearts.   Thanks Dad!


From there things slowly started to expand.  After completing Reiki II certification, I began to have some interesting experiences.  I could feel the energy of a living person, even if they were far away from my physical location.  As you could probably imagine, it was both fascinating and distracting.  My curiosity about what I could only describe as “weird” at the time inspired me to seek guidance.  With the help of many teachers and mentors, I was able to learn that we all have intuition (also known as gut feelings) but some of us are able to develop exceptional abilities.


To be able to use psychic ability, healing energy and mediumship to help people shift and heal is more than I could have ever imagined for myself.   My goal all those years ago was simply to feel less stressed and find a better way of life.  I could not be happier, or more humbled, to do this work.

My Story

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