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Chakra Clearing


Chakras are the energy receptors that connect our physical and energetic bodies. 


The state of our chakras can influence our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 


Chakra clearing can help release stuck energy--unwanted thoughts, emotions and experiences--to enable energetic harmony.    


Using psychic ability, Alice perceives chakra energy to discover and clear any energetic blockages.   


She will share all insights and will recommend tools for clients to maintain balance after the chakra clearing.


Experience balance and harmony with chakra clearing. 

At this time all sessions are virtual and are conducted via phone or video.


Chakra Clearing

Disclaimer: All messages are delivered with compassion and integrity. However, a psychic medium or spiritual counsellor is not a replacement for professional legal, medical, financial or business advice.

Outcomes are not guaranteed due to the nature of free will.

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