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Hello! My name is
Alice Curran

I am a psychic medium from

Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


I am a healer, helper and hugger.


About Alice


Combining a mixture of psychic ability, healing energy and mediumship, I help you shift and heal the circumstances of your life.  My ability to identify and speak your truth provides multidimensional healing—body, mind, emotion and soul.

What happens during a session depends on what you need.  My desire is that you get unstuck and heal.  I sometimes use Tarot cards or other psychic tools.  Energy healing may be provided.  Some of your loved ones who have passed away may join us to provide additional comfort and healing.  Each session is a unique spiritual experience.

We often only see our own point of view.  That can keep us stuck in place.  As a spiritual counselor, I shine a spotlight on what’s keeping you stuck, sad or unwell.  I give voice to what’s in your heart and body and open you up to new possibilities.  This process empowers you to have faith in your spiritual self.

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